Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ball with attitude

This assignment was that a ball should jump in, then show that it has forgotten something which it then brings back. After that we gave it a tail.


Pink attitude walk

the Pink Panther doing a walk with attitude.
I'm kinda fond of this one

on youtube:

The flour sack

again on youtube:

for this assignment we were given a storyboard which we were told to follow as tight as we could.
So I only made the floursack in this one. not the story.

Frog and Fly

For better quality here's a link to it on youtube:

This is the frog and fly assignment. We were told that a frog should sit alone, then a second passes and a fly enters. The rest was for us to decide.

Pink walk cycle

my first walk cycle here at the animation workshop. It surprised me how though it was to make it look good and I'm still not quite satisfied about it. But this was as far as I could get on the time given.