Tuesday, January 26, 2010

super duper

I did a sketch of these guys and I really liked the lines so I tried coloring it aswell. I messed up spiderman but the others went okay I think. I used water colour to colour it since photoshop is still a little wierd for me to use.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Character design - Taste

this is the last assignment of the character design week. We listned to a short story called "Taste". We then had to design at least three characters in the story and do a lineup of them in color. I can recommend listening to the story because it's very funny and has some really exciting characters to play around with.
I figured out a helpfull method to make different headshapes in photoshop that was really the main help in this assignment. I used the lasso tool to make a shape. then I filled it with colour and with a darker colour I made the lines on top of the shape.

this is the final version of my three characters. I really like the end result and I like how I went a little out of my own style this time.
Generally I found the character design week very fun and interesting.

Character design - auntie Biotic

this week we had about character design. one of the first assignments was to design this character called "Auntie Biotic". She is supposed to be this sweet little old lady who cures deseases by giving out pills but when someone asks if she can cure a minor desease like a cold or a headake she gets mean because if you use too much antibiotic the deseases get immune to the drugs.
this is my take on her.


so this is the result of our inbetweening week. Not so proud of it but I learnt what not to do and what to do so I can get the best result. I need to slow down and do the steps more accuratly before moving on to the next.

but I think it's an okay result. A little wobbly but not too bad.

Clean up

this is the result of our clean up week. We were given these rough keys and breakdowns and then we had to clean them up. I got to do two or three inbetweens as well.